Syrian Boy Cries For Help After His Sister Died From Hunger

Syrian Boy Cries For Help After His Sister Died From Hunger
Photo: Spotlight Humanity

This Syrian boy is crying the tears of blood as his own sister dies of hunger in Syrian war zone. The situation is getting worse in Syria.

Despite United Nations discussions, media and news talk shows and political talks between these two regions seems to be just words without actions as Syrian residents, which includes a high number of children.

The number of casualties are rising day by day which includes most child deaths in the history of the world. Most children who are dying are of 7 to 18 years old.

The death are not just caused by firing, drone attacks or missile attacks but also because of hunger and having no resources to get food.

This video shows a Syrian Boy crying and telling the media about the death of his sister in front of him due to extreme hunger.

The Syrian war is now going on for many years, we have also discussed the situation i none of our previous blogs. And many of the organizations are collecting money to provide the food and shelter to these needy but nothing seem to be enough as the world leaders are busy doing politics on it rather than giving them a solution.

The reason these kids are left behind that the borders are closed for Syrian nationals all across Europe and middle east and no one is willing to take these in.

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Please do drop your views on this in the comment box below, write so that world can read your opinion on this sad situation.

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