VIDEO: Makkah Imam Died Right After Offering Salah

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Makkah Imam Died right after offering the last Salah of his life, at that time he was leading the prayer in a mosque called Abdul Qadir Arab Mosque.

Previously, we hared that a bride died on her wedding day, a Muezzin died during his Fajr prayer and a Qari died during the Quran recitation on a live TV! Today, we come across to the Makkah Imam died right after offering Salah, he was leading the prayer, and people behind him can be seen in this video.

A footage video that appeared on the social media which shows the death of Makkah Imam meeting his death right after leading the prayers on Wednesday. Makkah Imam, Khalid Al-Qurashi, died right after leading the prayer at the Abdul Qadir Arab Mosque, which is located in the Awali area located in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Khalid Al-Qurashi, who also teaches at Makkah’s Umm Al Qura University can be seen in this video who is leading the Asr prayer. People offering behind him can be seen rushing towards the Imam and rescuing him.

Those who knew Khalid Al-Qurashi have said that he was a jolly person who always had a smile on his face. Imam means the one who leads the prayer and holds the topside of the Mosque. Imam holds the highest respect in the Islamic perspective due to his immense knowledge and thorough research on Islamic topics. Imam is the designation of an Islamic guidance situation. It is most normally used as the label of a worship frontrunner of a mosque and Muslim municipal amongst Muslims. the imam has a further vital sense and part in Islam through the idea of Imamah. In this setting, imams may lead Islamic respect facilities, serve as municipal front-runners, and deliver religious direction.

Watch the video of Makkah Imam died right after offering Salah


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