Lessons from Surah Fatihah – Identifying the Straight Path

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Surah Fatihah: When we analyze these verses, we find that it has some exceptionally intriguing qualities that make it a one of a kind petition.

surah fatihah quran 1 6

In a short examination of the Surah Fatihah verses, particularly the segment we have featured, we will discover direction on:

  1. Having lowliness as a worker of Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala (Glorified is He) in the group
  2. Attributing accomplishment to Allah (SWT) and not to oneself
  3. The thoroughness of Islam
  4. The social idea of the Islamic message
  5. Lowliness:

In this supplication which Allah (SWT) uncovered to us, plainly we are to request direction upon the Straight Way. Be that as it may, the nature of this way, its area, its signs, its qualities, and its bearing are altogether forgotten. We are given no sign with respect to how to arrive, how to discover the guide for it. Instead, the path is described in one single way:

“The Path of Those Whom You Have Favored”.

1. Attributing accomplishment to Allah (SWT) and not to oneself:

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In specifying the Straight Path, Allah (SWT) does not just give a rundown of activities. Or maybe, He influences it to clear that He is the One acting. an unobtrusive update that we are not the person’s who “win” Allah’s elegance, but rather that He offers it to us out of His leniency. In spite of the fact that we can pull in his Mercy through genuineness, Allah (SWT) is advising us that it isn’t our deeds alone that bring direction or pardoning, yet it is something that He presents to our act of kindness a Favor, a nai’mah. This again reminds the worker to be unassuming before Allah (SWT).

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2. The thoroughness of Islam:

It is astounding that in depicting the general population of the Straightway, the Qur’an specifies the greater part of the different objectives and strategies – the looking for of information, the refinement of the spirit, activism, and the doing of good deeds. However another demonstration of the way that Islam is extensive, and calls for adjusting in the different needs on the Straightway.

3. The social idea of the Islamic message:

By featuring an arrangement of individuals, rather than a rundown of to-dos, the Qur’an has pointed us towards a religion that isn’t individualistic, yet is based around being a piece of a group. It is requesting that we search out individuals from whom we can learn, and the great organization with whom we can be.

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