Abu Dhabi Airport’s artwork is moving many hearts with its creative “Shadow Art” which seems ordinary but the shadow is extraordinary!

Abu Dhabi Airport Artwork (4)
Photo Credit: MVSLIM
maysoon bassam art
Photo: MaysoonBassam

This creative art is created by two Muslim Guinnesses Maysoon and Bassam! They create artwork which has two different meanings. Their artwork has got really famous after it got a display at the Abu Dhabi Airport. It is indeed the eye-catching art to witness, as it goes perfectly with the shadow and says a lot about the mind of these makers.

Abu Dhabi Airport
Photo Credit: MVSLIM
maysoon bassam artwork
Photo: MaysoonBassam

Maysoon and Bassam’s artwork has a lot of fans all over the world, Maysoon and Bassam sell their artwork on their website costing from $200 till $500 for a single peace. Even anyone can buy if for the decoration and other stuff, for us, it is a must thing to have!

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Abu Dhabi Airport Artwork (2)
Photo Credit: MVSLIM
maysoon bassam best art
Photo: MaysoonBassam

You can see Maysoon and Bassam’s Create Islamic art has two sides. And both tell the two different things Like the shadow of a boy making Sajdah has the baseline of “Muhammad” written on it. This is one of a fascinating artwork the world has ever witnessed.

Abu Dhabi Airport Artwork (1)
Photo Credit: MVSLIM
maysoon bassam
Photo: MaysoonBassam

We should appreciate Maysoon and Bassam for creating such an amazing art for the world, which is the perfect epitome of how an artwork should be. When the world is painting naked images and calling it art, while Maysoon and Bassam proving that how simple art and modesty and simplicity can do. It is the best thing which they are portraying for the world.

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We should support Maysoon and Bassam for coming up with more creative ideas and we wish they get more chances to get featured at more places all around the globe. And do not forget to spread their art with your friends and family.


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