Can A Muslim Celebrate Holi ? – Holi Halal or Haram in Islam ?

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Many Muslims ask if they can celebrate Holi with their Hindu friends or is it really Halal or Haram in Islam. We are going to answer that question today.

Holi is the festival of Hindus, also known as the festival of Colors, as people throw colors at each other and dance all day and light bonfires. Their belief is that by throwing colors, dancing and lighting bonfires they’re driving all the evil spirits away.

It is in reality, a “Festival of Hindus“, they have their firm belief that on the day of Holi the “evil gods” were destroyed by “good gods“. And it is the part of their religion, which is completely based on idol worshipping and myths.

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What Hadiths and Quran Say About Celebrating Holi in Islam

Sahih Hadiths suggest that it is not allowed to participate in the festivals of disbelievers. When Hindus in India are oppressing Muslims and burning them alive just because they eat beef, still you’d want to “celebrate” it with them?

These are the hadiths which says celebration of such festival is Haram;

Holi quran hadiths islam (1)
Holi quran hadiths islam (3)

And this is what Quran says about it;

Holi quran hadiths islam (2)

These references are very clear and cut to describe how strict Islam is about idol worshiping religion and tells people not to follow or celebrate it. Not just Hadiths, there are many references in the Quran as well which you can read and realize that it is highly restricted.

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You can wish people but you can not Celebrate it. There is a big difference in “Wishing” and “Celebrating”, by Wishing means, that as a human, you say good words for them, but by Celebrating means that you’re actually throwing colors at each other, dancing and eating their festive food, which is strictly haram.

If you still have any question regarding it, please drop in the comment box below, we will answer it for you.

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Shahidul Islam

that was helpful. i got this question is that-
though nowadays this coloring activity has become a symbol of observing as holy (which represents Hindu’s worshiping their god/goddess) but can we (Muslim) play with colors and color each other in the event of rag day in college or any type of such event (not intended to worship any other god / goddess) just to have fun ???


Why so big diffrence in hindi and islam religion?


Christianity, Islam and Judaism are all Abrahamic religions to do with the Prophet Ibrahim whereas Hinduism, Buddhism are all to do with non-Abrahamic which is not allowed and they worship millions of gods in a Polytheistic religion which if you are a Muslim is haram

Anjoly Das

I am hindu… I really want to celebrate this holi with my friends…. They all are Muslims.. if they can’t celebrate it then I also can’t celebrate it because it’s all about having fun with friends and family…I don’t have other friends… We are not gonna hurt someone or including them in any puja or anything…Then can we celebrate holi together? Please answer it quickly!!!


@anjoly das: Where does in your scriptures does it say to apply colours on others??


M muslim, as per my family background no one playing holi, as I have seen people playing holi in deva(waris) sharif. So, why muslims plying holi there?

Anjoly Das

I don’t know much about it… But I know one thing that Holi is all about celebrating with friends and family…


Hindus r celebrating holi in good way, joyfull colors, all friends comes together it becomes memorable day..if two religion r coming together.. what is wrong in it? Why?


In colourful holi there is no hindus religius activities … All can enjoy nd dance…

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