These Hindus Say That Their Forefather Fought Alongside Hussain (RA)

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The world can not express how heart-wrenching it is to see the young family of Muhammad (PBUH) martyred in the battle of Karbala.

Hussain (RA)‘s martyrdom is one of the major things ever happened in the Islamic history. Although this has happened many years ago, the lessons one can learn from the event of Karbala is still full of Wisdom and Mankind.

It is not necessary that only Muslims can honor the character and the sacrifice of Hussain (RA), it can be anyone, related to any faith in the world can honor the dignity and sacrifice of Hussain (RA). In the month of Muharram and on Ashura we remember all the sacrifices Hussain (RA) gave to safe Islam and show the world, the reality of how a Muslim should be. Today, we found out a video, in which few Hindus claimed that their forefathers fought alongside Hussain (RA) during the battle of Karbala.

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Hussaini Brahmins (Hindus) of India claimed that their ancestors went to help Hussain (RA) in the battle of Karbala

Just like Muslims all around the globe, remembers Hussain (RA) in the month of Muharram, similarly, Hussaini Brahmins also remembers him during the month of Muharram. There are also different versions of the same story. Sunil Dutt (Father of Sunjay Dutt, an eminent Bollywood actor) is also a Hussaini Brahmins Hindu.

Sunil dutt hussain

Here is the video which is the evidence of the whole story which we published

That is truly incredible and inspiring!

It is true that most of the Muslims remember Hussain (RA)’s sacrifice and honor his dignity and character. It is indeed inspiring to see how they went there and fought for Hussain (RA).

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