Is Jolly Ranchers Halal or Haram? Can Muslims Eat It? 2024

Jolly Rancher is not considered Halal.
Jolly Ranchers Halal Haram

The famous hard candy by Hershey’s Jolly Ranchers has not been certified as Halal or gluten-free as per FDA standards, and thus an individual should refrain from its consumption.

In the name of Allah, the most merciful and the most beneficial

May peace be upon the Prophet Muhammad, who is the last Messenger.

The matter of the permissibility of eating Jolly Ranchers following Islamic dietary laws has always remained a concern for Muslims, particularly

Jolly ranchers include corn soup, fructose, sucrose, and glucose, along with artificial colors and soy. As per the manufacturer, though Jolly Ranchers don’t contain any gluten-containing ingredients, the product cannot qualify as gluten-free because it has not been evaluated as per FDA standards.

Though many of the ingredients individually can be considered Halal, the absence of a Halal certificate from Hershey’s raises substantial concerns regarding the overall halal status of Jolly Ranchers.

Is Jolly Ranchers Halal??

Hershey’s, the manufacturer of Jolly Ranchers, states that the product is not halal-certified, adding weight to the point that the consumption of Jolly Ranchers is not following Islamic guidelines. The lack of an authoritative certification raises concerns about the sourcing and processing of the candy and its conformance to Islamic principles.

Furthermore, the company clearly stated that the candy is not a vegan product, thus the uncertainty surrounding the source of the product amplifies the layer of doubt. The specific source of sugar used in processing remains uncertain; however, some reports suggest the use of animal bones for sugar.


  • On a query received on the official website as to whether Jolly Rancher hard candy is for vegetarians or is Halal, the manufacturer commented that the product is not Halal certified and made no claim regarding the product being vegan.
jolly ranchers not halal proof
  • It is important to note that an item that is not Halal-certified does not necessarily mean it is Haram. However, as per Hadith 2518 in Jami al Tirmidhi, it is narrated by Al Hassan bin Ali that the Holy Prophet, peace be upon him, said to refrain from doubtful things.

Bottom Line

In light of these considerations, it is hereby confirmed that the use of Jolly Ranchers is not permissible as they do not adhere to Islamic dietary practices.

Muslims are advised to remain cautious when scrutinizing ingredients and products to check if they are Halal-certified. One must always seek guidance and consult a religious authority to ensure informed Halal choices.

May Allah guide us all in making choices that are aligned with Islamic principles, and may He grant us the wisdom to follow the principles of halal consumption in our lives.

May Allah guide us all to the right path.

Got a question? Feel free to ask mufti and get quick answers.


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