Is Chess Haram In Islam? Can Muslims Play It? 2024

Is Chess Halal or Haram

Chess may be a board game that has been played for centuries and is played by millions of individuals around the world.

However, there has been a debate between a few Muslim communities about whether or not chess is haram. In this article, we will discuss the evidence surrounding this debate and conclude whether or not it is halal to play chess.

Is Chess Halal or Haram?

Chess is Partially Haram.

Some Islamic scholars accept that chess is haram since it includes betting, forbidden in Islam. They argue that playing chess for cash or other material gains is comparable to gambling and must be avoided.

Others claim that chess isn’t haram since it is a game of strategy and skill and does not involve chance or luck.


  • Some Islamic scholars point to a hadith, which is saying of the Prophet Muhammad, that recommends that playing chess isn’t permitted.
  • The hadith states, “whoever plays chess is like one who dyes his hand with the flesh and blood of swine” (Sahih Muslim 2285). However, as per many scholars, this hadith is daif hadith, and it isn’t from a reliable source
  • Moreover, some arguments claim that chess can be beneficial for intellectual development and can assist in improving problem-solving skills.

Is It Permissible to Play Chess In Islam?

Based on the evidence, the debate of whether or not it is halal to play chess is a matter of individual interpretation. Whereas a few Islamic scholars believe that playing chess is haram, others don’t see any issue. Eventually, the choice to play chess or not must be based on one’s understanding of Islamic principles.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, the debate about whether or not chess is haram remains debatable even today. Whereas a few Islamic scholars accept that it is haram due to its gambling nature, others argue that it is a game of strategy that improves the mental thinking of an individual.

Eventually, it is up to each person to choose whether or not to play chess based on their knowledge and insight of Islamic law and values. Each individual needs to approach this debate to answer awareness and mindfulness.

Got a question? Feel free to ask mufti and get quick answers.


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