5 Major Duties Of A Husband Towards His Pregnant Wife

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Being a Pregnant Wife is really tough, but these are 5 major duties of a Husband towards his wife while she is expecting his child.

1. Be kind, Give Physical And Moral Support To Your Wife

Do not make her do all your work, life gets 3x tougher when she is expecting. It is important for a husband to stand beside his wife because it makes her feel happy as her husband is there for her.

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2. Help Her In Household Stuff As She Will Get Tired Quickly During Her Pregnancy

Sadly many husbands like to lie down and want their wives to do all their stuff. But it is husband’s duty to help her out, keeping a baby in tummy makes life very hard for a woman, and working just little tires them up, so be very helpful for them even after the baby is born.

3. Do Not Give Her Any Kind Of Stress, Refrain For Putting Unnecessary Pressure On Her

Pregnant wife has already so much stress on her head if a husband stresses her wife it would double her problem which is eventually bad for a woman as well as for the baby. A husband should be very supportive as in not to give her any kind of stress during this period and if possible try not to give her stress all her life.

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4. Call Her!

Keep track of her, call her after intervals to know what she wants and what is she up to, and if she lives alone at home then try to keep a maid when you are not home.

5. Keep Track Of Her Diet

Diet for a Pregnant woman is a must, keep track of what she is eating and get a prescription from her Gynaecologist which diet she should take.

Kindly do these Sunnah after your child is born, May Allah keep all of your in his Protection. Ameen

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