The 6 Duas To Protect Yourself From Coronavirus Pandemic

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These 6 duas are the most authentic duas to protect yourself from the Coronavirus pandemic that is infecting millions of people all around the world.

The global outbreak of coronavirus made it take the world by its storm by catching each and every person that comes in its way. All the Muslims are blessed by our Creator with His Holy Qur’an through the help of which we can stay safe during times of crisis, especially in this lockdown.

These are the most powerful 6 duas to protect yourself from coronavirus

The only way through which we can protect ourselves from the global health crisis is continuously praying and staying faithful in the decisions of Allah. Below mentioned are some powerful Duas that would keep you safe from the deadly virus:

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Recite for every type of illness

Dua for protection from any illness

We should be constantly reciting this dua in this difficult time. It also carries a significant reminder our protection is always with Allah (SWT).

Recite when exiting the house

Everyone seems scared when it comes to stepping out of the house. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has stated that:

Dua for leaving the house

Dua for protection against calamities

Dua for protection against calamities

This dua is perfect for seeking protection against unexpected tensions and calamities or any crisis.

Recite when you fall sick

Dua for sickness

Whenever we fall sick, we try to get the attention of medical staff. But being Muslim, the most effective process is to pray to Allah (SWT) and ask for Shifa. Aisha (RA) narrated that when any of them used to get ill, Prophet (PBUH) recited the following dua alongside rubbing the area which is in pain.

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Recite when you go through fear or anxiety

There are certain events in life in which we feel fearful or go through anxiety. And in most of the cases, we are unaware of what should be done next. In such situations, recite the below-mentioned dua and ask for Allah’s help;

Dua for fear and anxiety

Recite to gain protection from the evil

Dua for protection of family from every evil

It is believed that our beloved Prophet (PBUH) used to recite the following verse to keep His (PBUH) grandsons protected; This alluring dua serves the purpose of protection of the acquaintances, mainly of the youngsters.

If you want a special dua for Coronavirus, we have posted it too.

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A Shabbir Ahmed

You have forgotten to mention the Most Powerful Du’a for Protection from every evil under the sun.

Recite ” Bismillah hilladi la yedurru ma’a Ismihi shayyun fil ardhi wala fis samaayi wahuwas samee’ul aleem ” – In the Name of Allah, with Whose Name, nothing on this Earth or in the Heaven, can cause harm. And He is All Hearing and All Knowing “, daily 3 times each, at Fajr and Asr Salaah. No affliction can harm us due to Allah’s Protection.

Please Share widely. Jazak Allah Khairan.

Abubakar Abdulhamid

Jazakallahu khairan ,,,,Allahumma ameen

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