Prophet Muhammad PBUH’s Advice for Young Men

Prophet Muhammad PBUH Advice for Young Men

Prophet Muhammad SAWW is a role model for all Muslims worldwide until the end.

He is known as a chosen human figure who is so noble in character and polite in his speech. As Muslims, we are encouraged to follow the Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) example.

Following the example of the Prophet, Muhammad SAWW means taking the example of the Prophet Muhammad by carrying out his sunnah and following his instructions and advice to live.

During his life, Prophet Muhammad SAWW always gave advice and examples about the ideal way of life. One of the famous pieces of advice of the Prophet Sallallahu Alayhi wassalam is his advice for young men.

In Sahih Muslim, the Prophet encourages young men who already can get married immediately, for it retrains eyes (from casting evil glances) and preserves one from immorality. And for he who cannot afford it should observe fast because fasting is a means to control sexual desire.

prophet muhammad nikah young men hadith

Islam does not deny the existence of humans’ interest in the opposite sex. It is a natural and fundamental need that must be met when the time for its fulfillment has arrived. However, for the sake of maintaining honor and human dignity, Islam calls for its fulfillment to be carried out correctly through marriage.

Through this hadith, Rasulullah SAW advised young men who were able to get married immediately. Able here can be interpreted as being able physically, scientifically, mentally, or financially. The Prophet rebuked people who live celibate or delay marriage for reasons that are not syar’i even though they are capable.

As for those who cannot get married due to economic reasons, the Prophet SAW advised them to fast because fasting is seen as a means to control sexual motives and passionate desires for the opposite sex.

Fasting causes the level of nutrients consumed by a person to be reduced. Automatically, this will cause his sexual desire to weaken. So fasting in the context of this hadith is considered a diversion and is not permanent.

It also includes worship that accompanies the fast, such as reading the Holy Quran, dhikr, prayer, and other diversion activities.

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