Parents Should Talk About Good/Bad Touch To Their Children

Parents Should Talk About Good Bad Touch To Their Children

Children mean a lot to all the parents in the world but there are some things which most of the parents’ neglect which they should never ignore!

Childhood is the part of one’s life when one does not have any kind of worries or any kind of sadness or depression. But do we really need to trust everyone without children? When I was a kid, my mother used to tell me that does not take anything from a stranger but she never said, do not let anyone touch your body parts!

The reason she never taught about Good or Bad touch because of the huge gap between the parents and the children. In Muslim countries, it doesn’t feel right to talk about such issues while Islam allows us to talk about such matters. Parents think that these kinds of talks spoil their children and believes that this can never happen to their own kids. And in case if it happens when they are forced to keep their mouth shut because most of the time the abuser is the close relative!

Child abuse is getting very common all over the world, the reason is that we do not talk about it anymore. Why do parents not teach their children about Good and Bad touch? why do not they discuss such a serious thing? why do they ask their child to keep quiet rather than standing for their own kid? These are the question of every victim of child abuse.

Just imagine how horrible it is to see yourself in a position where the other person is ripping your life apart by all this child abuse! That child will remain depressed as well as will always have trust issues! And will stop respecting his/her own parents.

Parents think giving Shelter, Food, Luxuries, and Clothes are enough for the kids, while love, empathy, and attention is also the thing which is usually left out. Not just this, a child also needs protection from his/her closest relatives as well. As soon as your child grows older, you should talk to him/her about such things so they would know what a good or bad touch is.

Parents should never leave their children with anyone, many parents leave their kids with servants and cousins or uncles or aunts, are they really safe? The answer is no! Your own kid is only safe in your own hand.

Think about it before it gets too late!

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