Hajj 2024 Was The Deadliest In The History

2024’s Hajj has been proven as the deadliest in the history of Hajj, over 1,300 Hajj pilgrims have lost their lives, facing a harsh heatwave.
Medical team evacuate a Hajj 2024 pilgrim
Medical team evacuate a Hajj 2024 pilgrim. Photo: AFP

Comparing Hajj 2024 tragically resulted in more deaths than previous Hajj events. The minister of Health also confirmed that more than 1,301 people have died during the Hajj 2024 season.

The majority of the deceased, 83%, were unauthorized pilgrims who had to go through long walks under the scorching sun with over 47 to 50 Celcius heat, without adequate shelter or rest. This group included many elderly individuals and those with chronic illnesses.

death bodies hajj

Disturbing footage has surfaced showing dead bodies lying unattended, highlighting the dire circumstances faced by these pilgrims. The lack of facilities and support for unregistered pilgrims in Saudi Arabia contributed significantly to the spike in fatalities.

The death toll is expected to rise in the coming days, adding to the sad reality of this year’s pilgrimage. Hujjajs belonging to more than 10 countries including the US have lost their lives.

History of Deaths in Hajj Pilgrimage

Certainly! Here’s the updated table with additional major events during the Hajj pilgrimage that resulted in significant fatalities:

YearDeathsReason for Deaths
1997347Tent fire
1998400Violent protest
2006346Building collapse
20241,301Extreme heat

To make Hajj more death-free, Saudi Arabia has to put in more effort to make it comfortable for the pilgrims who are landing in the Kingdom to perform Hajj.

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