7 Habits That Result In The Punishment Of The Grave

Punishment Of The Grave

All living breathing beings are bound to experience death, but how does death arrive? The punishment of the grave or the pleasures obtained? It all depends on the deeds during life.

Grave punishment, or what in Islam is called Adhaab of Qabr, is a punishment given by Allah SWT when someone has died because they have done prohibited things during their lifetime.

Allah SWT will not inflict the punishment of the grave on His servant who obeys all orders and stays away from all prohibitions. However, Allah will inflict the punishment of the grave on those who sin and do not carry out His orders.

The cause of the punishment of the grave is often forgotten and even underestimated, so the reason is usually carried out. Therefore, we as Muslims must know the reasons for the grave’s punishment. The following are the causes of the punishment of the grave and the punishment that will be bestowed upon those who violate it:

1. Lying


Many people often lie in their lives, and although sometimes lying for good, lying is still a sin.

People who often lie will be tortured continuously in the grave; their mouths, noses, and eyes will be torn off with sharp hooks to the back of their heads repeatedly.

2. Neglecting Salah

muslim man praying desert

Woe to those who reject the Qur’an after knowing it and those who sleep through the prescribed prayers. They would be laid down with a man standing on top of them, holding a big rock.

The man will throw the rock at people who often neglect salah until their heads are crushed. Then the rock would roll over, and the man would pick it up and throw it again at their heads that had been restored to their former state until they crumbled again.

3. Zina


Zina (adultery) is a sinful act that Allah hates. Some people still often commit adultery, such as having an affair. Zina can create eternal torment in the grave.

Men and women who commit Zina (adultery) will be put naked into a hole that resembles a baking pit, which is narrow at the top and wide at the bottom. Underneath the pit is a raging fire, and every time it flares up, they scream and get up until they almost fall out of the pit. As it subsided, they returned (to the bottom).

4. Riba (Interest)

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Riba is the taking of essential assets in vanity. This act is one of the causes of the punishment of the grave for sinning. Riba is often done in terms of debts.

The person who practices usury during his lifetime will find himself swimming in rivers of blood, with a man standing on the banks of the river throwing stones at him every time he tries to get out of the river. The man would throw a rock in his mouth, causing him to fall back into the middle of the river. It repeated every time he tried to get out of the river of blood.

5. Arrogance


Arrogance is one of the most hated traits by Allah Azza Wa Jalla because arrogance is the devil’s behavior. If humans act arrogantly, it is no different from the devil, who God curses because he was arrogant.

The earth will swallow up those who walk by dragging their lower garments out of pride until their bodies slowly sink into the earth until the Day of Resurrection.

6. Urinating


Not keeping oneself from urine is a major sin that is the cause of the punishment of the grave.
Although it is not explained in what form the punishment is for people who do not clean themselves from urine, it is described in the hadith that “most of the torments of the grave are caused by urine” (H.R. Ahmad)

For this reason, we must keep ourselves clean from urine and always clean ourselves properly, especially when we pray; make sure our clothes are clean and not splashed with urine.

7. Kafir/Hypocrite

red smoke with hod on

One of the most despicable acts that will get the punishment of the grave is a person who is  kafir or a hypocrite.

Various grave torments will await them, ranging from furniture from Hell will be prepared for them, a door of Hell will be opened for them, their graves will be narrowed, they will be clothed in fire and struck with a large hammer with a tremendous power which when struck on a mountain, it will turn to dust.

Supplication to Seek Refuge in Allah

Even in the grave, they will be told of the torment that awaits them in the Hereafter, and they will hope that that time will never come.

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