Dajjal And His Beloved Women Followers, Find Out Who They Are!

Dajjal And His Beloved Women Followers

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Dajjal will come one day and rule the world, We all know that. He will spread his horror in the world. He will consider himself a God. Now the question is What kind of women will be in Dajjals times?

From many years women are trying to gain equal rights like men. They are now Liberal feminists who are trying to chase man in all fields. Firstly, Women demand to put off hijab and be like yeah, I am free now. Then women shorten the sleeves and feel free. Then women shorten the skirt from toe to knee and feel free.

Then their clothes became more and more short by the passage of time. But do you really think that you will become equal to men by wearing short dresses and feel free in the cruel world? No, Men are all covered they wore full pants and shirts. They do not show their body parts by wearing short pants.

The new generation makes it fashion to live together without marriage and tell the society that now it’s the trend we can do all sexual activities without any restrictions (Zina). Due to the short dressing women manipulate the men. And men fulfill all his desire without marriage then he doesn’t need of getting married.

When men are not interested in marriage then he adopts the getup of women to attract the other males for the sexual revolution. From this Homosexuality and Lesbianism will promote in the society. In that society, men are like women and women are like men. So, then all those sexual revolutions end on the Dajjal’s sexual revolution. So, these are the kind of women in dajjal’s time.

Now if we look at our recent so-called liberal society we can see that now women are dressed up like men or even they are naked with put-on just little piece of cloth. So, if it’s really true then the women of recent can be considered as the women of Dajjal’s Time.

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