Dr. Farzana Hussain Ranked as NHS Best Doctor of the Year 2020

Farzana Hussain

To celebrate the 72nd anniversary of NHS, Dr. Farzana Hussain is being featured on a national campaign. She, Dr. Farzana Hussain, is a British Asian Doctor. She stood among the 12 frontline doctors who are pictured and whose job was highly critical during the pandemic caused by the coronavirus.

She offers duty at Project Surgery and Newham as a GP and also dealt with the COVID-19 outbreak creating an example of well-performed duty, humbleness, and professionalism within these tough times where even medical aids were in shortage for the hospital staff all around the world.

She posted a tweet to show gratitude for all the love she is getting these days for her hard work.

She got this level of motivation from her parents, as she shared, and further added that her father came from East Pakistan (Now Bangladesh) at a scholarship in 1970 to join NHS. He served as an anesthetist.

Undoubtedly, parents play an essential role in the lives of Muslim children while they live and after they die. Dr. Farzana’s parents are the best example of it. She made it to gain the title; GP of the year 2019 as a return to her efforts.

Her mother also inspired her and guided her to study well and perform well in her medical duties. She stated to her that don’t worry about her as she was admitted at that time.

Farzana was just 19 years old and a  medical student within her first year when her mother got admitted because of heart failure

She used to travel 250 miles from her university to visit her mom. She was very sick. She wasn’t sure whether to leave her alone and go back back to university or not. Her mother encouraged her to focus on her studies. Five days later she died.

Right after 20 years, Farzana Hussain becomes one of the doctors who have been announced as “Heroes” in the UK for fighting against the COVID-19 and giving their best.

Her photo was also desplayed on a big screen.

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