Dates The Best Fruit To Prevent Heart Attack, Stroke and Cholesterol

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Dates hold very high importance in Islam as it is the favorite food of Muhammad PBUH. The benefits which our Prophet PBUH told science just proved it now.

This is not a surprise for Muslim as they knew these facts from the last prophet of Islam (PBUH), 1,400 years ago, he told us the facts which Medical is accepting today. It is being also said that Maryam (AS) was asked to eat when she was labouring Jesus (peace be upon him).

1. Dates Prevent Stroke

Dates have a huge amount of Potassium, which is a crucial mineral that makes your nervous system better and helps you save from strokes. Moreover, if you intake 400mg of potassium a day, then you can prevent any kind of stroke.

2. Dates Normalizes Blood Pressure

If you are suffering from Blood Pressure then you need to start eating dates, it does not have sodium and is potassium enriched. If you eat 5 to 6 dates a day, which contains 80mg of magnesium, which is a miniral that is being run through blood vessels and improves blood flow.

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Approx, 370mg of magnesium is perfect for lowering the blood pressure.

3. Dates Make The Heart Work Better

Soak the dates in water at night, and in the morning, strain them first and then take the seeds out, and East. This process also known as Nabeez, Nabeez was Muhammad PBUH’s favourite drink.

4. Dates Controls Colesterol

There are some unhealthy cholesterol also known as LDL, Dates helps your body kicking out all unhealthy cholesterol from your body and kicks out any blood clot.

5. Dates Manages Body Weight and Keep It In Control

Eating dates on an empty stomach helps you prevent getting fat. Dates are cholesterol free but make sure you do not have diabeties because they are full of sugar.

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6. Dates Prevents Constipation

Eating dates are supper essential for the people suffering from diarrhea and constipation. A person should make Nabeez drink out of these dates to soothe their diarrhea and constipation.

7. Dates Soothes Diarrhea

Higher amount of potassium meaning prevention of diarrhea and Dates got your back, Make Nabeez drink, recipie is given here.

8. Dates Are Enriched With Iron

They are iron enriched which is best for the people who suffer Anemia, especially for pregnant women and children. They are iron enriched which is best for the people who suffer Anemia, especially for pregnant women and children. It is okay to consume 100grams of dates per day, which means 0.9mg iron. And it is recommended 11% daily intake of iron.

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