Getting Coronavirus Vaccine Will Not Break Fast in Ramadan, Scholars

Coronavirus Vaccine Will Not Break Fast in Ramadan

During Ramadan, it is safe for Muslims to get a coronavirus vaccine as it will not break the fast, declared by the Islamic scholars regarding the vaccine.

It had been made aware of inquiries about vaccine uptake during the 30-day Holy period as stated by the Sheikh Abdul Rahman Al Sudais.

Ramadan starts on the 12th of April and will last till the 12th of May this year. Check Ramadan Countdown for days left.

Many questions were raised whether getting the vaccine will break the fast or not if the side effects started to show up and made people unwell after vaccination.

Sheikh Abdul Rahman Al Sudais Confirmed Covid-19 Vaccine Does Not Break Fast

Sheikh Abdul Rahman Al Sudais Covid 19 Vaccine Does Not Break Fast

General President for the Affairs of the Grand Mosque and the Prophet’s Mosque Dr. Sheikh Abdul Rahman Al Sudais confirmed while giving a lesson on Judicial Rulings for Fasting that Coronavirus vaccine does not break fast during Ramadan.

Grand Mufti of Masjid al-Haram also declared the vaccines won’t break the fast

Sheikh Abdulaziz al Sheikh coronavirus

Muslims should not delay the first or second vaccine to be administered during the month of Ramadan. According to Islamic scholars, the ingredients used are entirely halal. Getting vaccinated will not break your fast, as stated by the Grand Mufti, Sheikh Abdulaziz al-Sheikh.

Ramadan is one of the number of future faith occasions and festivals, which includes Eid al Fitr. It will be celebrated among covid 19 restrictions, as said by the Observatory.

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Polina Tankilevitch

The festivals of Ramadan and Eid will be occurring during the peak of Covid-19. This has been a unique time globally, as stated by the Muslim Doctors Association’s chair, Dr. Hina Shahid.

Other faith communities and Muslims have faced these challenges head-on. It was inspiring to see the community using technology for prayer.

One of our most effective tools to make sure everything gets backs to regular is getting vaccinated to celebrate our festivals with our family and friends when it is safe.

He further said that this Ramadan, if coronavirus restrictions remain in place, then I prefer everyone, whether they are shielding or working, get vaccinated to help protect the community and yourself.

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