The Secret Of Becoming RICH Has Been Unveiled In Islam

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Rich life is everyone’s dream. In Islam, there are few ways which can make you a rich person. To achieve a certain thing, we have to do a little hard work.

Let us talk about the predicament that people are not getting married so you have like for eg 1000 sisters and 300 brothers so we have a shortage of brothers and people are not getting married because brothers said that they are not financially stable and  the sisters say that you are not earning enough money for me but let me tell you something ALLAH makes a promise in the QURAN that the ALLAH will provide you he says this when people of Madinah stopped wanting to marry orphan girls because they were poor everyone wants to marry the daughter of a nobleman who has wealth and the Shabah themselves some of them were not rich  so they want to marry a rich girl to become rich, ALLAH says that put some faith in ALLAH go ahead and marry the orphan girls and ALLAH will grand you sufficiency and he shall make you rich.

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The Prophet (SAW) tells us that if the children of Adam were to put their trust in ALLAH just like the birds Then ALLAH will provide for them just like he provides for the birds who leave their house in the morning looking for food and came at night fulfilled, My dear brothers and sisters believe in ALLAH and follow his guidance think about how did you get in the state that you are in right now.

ALLAH provided parents to you who provide to you think about the rest of the world not everyone has the same luxury as you have and you will go on further when ALLAH continues to provide you more so put your faith in ALLAH.

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