Palestinian Man With No Legs Killed By Israeli Forces

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Israeli forces shot dead a Wheelchair-bound Abu Thuraya during protests against US acknowledgment of Jerusalem as Israeli center.

The burial has taken place of Abu Thuraya, wheelchair-bound who was shot dead on Friday through a protest in the Gaza Strip in contradiction of Donald Trump’s acknowledgment of Jerusalem as the Israeli capital.

The demise of Ibrahim Abu Thuraya, 29, derived as Trump management bureaucrats again pre-empted talks over the borderline city’s final standing in explanations about the Western Wall.

Abu Thuraya, who lost his legs in an Israeli airstrike in 2008, Abu Thuraya was one of four Palestinians to die in protests with Israeli sanctuary forces on Friday in Gaza and the West Bank.

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The Palestinian health ministry definite in a declaration that Abu Thuraya and Yasser Sokhar, 31, were shot in the skull in Gaza during protests with Israeli militias.

Conferring to pictures and spectator explanations, Abu Thuraya had been pressed to the barrier in his wheelchair, before separation the chair and trying to crawl more forward.

Video film from after Abu Thuraya was shot displayed him being pressed back, wilting in his chair bounded by other crying activists.

Two days earlier his expiry he said a film examiner that he had been opposing in contradiction of the US verdict.

This property is our property. We are not going to hand over. America has to draw the announcement it has made,” he said.

The Israeli army said about 3,500 Palestinians had confirmed near the Gaza boundary barrier on Friday.

Throughout the ferocious uprisings IDF [Israel Defence Force] militaries shot selectively towards main prime mover, it believed in a declaration.

The Israeli forces presenter had no instant statement on the demise of Abu Thuraya, who was steady at such protests. Donald Trump’s deflation about Jerusalem has started a new war between Israel and the Muslim world and Israel is still playing the cruelest part!

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Photo Credits: reportasenews/middleeasteye

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