Google Discover Testing Showing Islamic Prayer Times For Some Users


Google usually displays all the information they provide on the -1 home screen, where useful outside information is placed such as regular news articles, weather updates, and advertisements. But recently, Google is testing a new information card on Google Discover which shows the next Islamic prayer time.

This google trial was first noticed by a Reddit user who saw the Asr prayer time appearing on his Google Discover screen. For those who are not aware, these timings indicate the start of each of the five mandatory prayers in the day for Muslims.

google discover prayer time

Based on the user’s experience, if the prayer time card is being tapped then it will automatically launch a Google Search for “prayer times”. You don’t need to adjust or configure anything to get this as it will show up itself. However, it turns out that some users want to remove it as it is irrelevant for them, and they have done nothing to enable it in the first place. You surely do have the right to determine whatever your choice, whether you want to opt-in or opt-out.

The prayer time card in Google Discover on the home screen -1 is predicted to be very useful for many Muslims around the world. Although, other considerations that are feared to make it difficult to implement them properly, namely the deviations in regional time and cultural practices for these prayers. However, this problem might be solved by rolling it out for a few major sects first and then expanding it by balancing timing to account for the regional differences.

We all know how useful Smart Speaker are, especially in English-speaking regions. And if we imagine that functions related to prayer times and Adhan (the Islamic call-to-prayer) are also linked to Smart Speakers, it surely can be very useful for many users beyond only reading weather and news.

And it would be great if Google could catch up with Amazon with their Alexa which already has some skills for prayer times and Adhan.

You can check out the Discover Killer Xposed module to get rid of Google Discover entirely.

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