2000 Hafiz e Quran from Turkey performing Umrah

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2000 Hafiz e Quran was sent by Turkey to Makkah to perform Umrah. Performing Umrah is everyone’s wish and if you are rewarded to perform Umrah for memorizing Quran is incomparable with anything. Allah rewards Hafiz/Hafizah on every step and showers His boundless bounties over them.

On 26, January 2018, Friday two-thousand Turkish students have performed Umrah as a reward for memorizing Quran. The long chain of kids can be seen in the video that went viral and persuading everyone to share it on their social media accounts. You must have enjoyed many picnics with your school fellows but a visit to Kabah for performing Umrah with your class fellows has always been a dream for many of us.

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Memorizing Quran is a dream, many Muslim parents see for their children and choosing right and wrong for an innocent soul is their responsibility. It’s a gift they give to their child at an early age and undoubtedly, its worth illuminates their future of Duniya and Akhirah. Indeed parents will be rewarded too for their unconditional efforts and consistent support in the path of memorizing Quran. Likewise, it is a proud moment for the parents of 2000 Hafiz e Quran Turkish students who have performed Umrah free without any single expense from their pocket.

Memorizing Quran is not only for kids, it’s obligatory on every Muslim to learn and memorize Surah and verses of Quran for doing tilawat in Salah. Despite all the hardships and struggles, one should not give up memorizing Quran. If we memorize one verse Shaitan will try hard to distract us but our focus and consistent efforts will make us successful and we will receive the double reward from Allah and make our path easy to accomplish the goal.

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As we all know that a person is rewarded for his intentions. One should be sincere with his intentions. Our main goal should remain to seek the pleasure of Allah. May Allah make it easy to memorize Quran and accept our efforts, Ameen.

Written By: Noor-ul-Ain Hanif

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