Zakir Naik granted Saudi citizenship by King Salman of Saudi Arabia

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Zakir Naik who is presently hunted by Indian establishments for suspected terrorist crimes has allegedly been granted citizenship by Saudi Arabian King Salman, as per The Middle East Monitor.

Causes assumed King Salman had mediated to allowance Naik citizenship in instruction to protect him from detention by the International Police Group (Interpol).

The 51-year-old Islamic missionary created the Islamic Research Foundation (IRF). He’s supposed to have been continuing in Saudi Arabia to avoid capture in India after he was defendant of playing a role in a terror-connected circumstance. Naik also has money laundering claims against him. Some criminals of the Dhaka terror attack also appealed they were stirred by Naik.

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Indian press stated enforcement bureaucrats in the country were preparation to cancel his passport, after which Naik would be enforced to arrival to India. However, they did not expect Saudi Arabia would grant him nationality.

Naik has been retained for allegedly broadcasting hostility between different clusters on the estates of religion. His channel Peace TV has been disqualified in UK, Canada, and Bangladesh. He was also deprived of the entrance to Canada and UK in 2012 after apparently articulating support for al Qaeda, described Star Online.


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