3 Examples Show How Women Are Superior Than Men In Islam

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Women and Men are not equal in Islam. But, it is the fact that men and women have their own set of skills and respect and Islam has taught all this.

We must have heard the world called “Feminism”, who believes that Women are equal to Men, which has now turned into vulgarity all over the world. But, Islam has given the rights to women before anyone else in this society.

Here, we will share the 3 major examples that support how Women has given a huge respect for Islam than any other religion;

1. Respecting Your Wife Is A Major Part of Men’s Imaan

respecting wife quran

All the things, such as firm belief in Allah and the teachings of the last prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is based on how good you treat your wife, if you are unjust, you will be tasting the fire of hell even if you pray 5 times a day.

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If you are so religious, that your pray 5 times and fasts in Ramadan but your wife is unhappy with you then it means you have done nothing to earn yourself Jannah. Allah loves the people who respect their wives.

2. Jannah (Heaven) Is Under The Feet Of The Mother

Being a Mother is one of the major roles in a woman’s life. To honor the motherhood of these women, Islam has given them a special gift, that is Jannah (Heaven) under their feet.

This means, if you are not good to your mother or your mother is unhappy with you then it means you can never get Jannah ever in your life no matter how many good deeds you do.

heaven under mother feet hadith

At another place, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) shed the light on the significance of a Mother in Islam;

mother importance hadith

3. Raising daughter with kindness and Love, and then entering in Heaven as a companion of Muhammad (PBUH)

daughters hadith

In the Pre-Islamic era, daughters we considered as not resourceful. Daughters used to be buried alive and considered as a burden. The women who give birth to Daughters got the Victims of Torture and pain.

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As Islam came, it changed the views of Arabs, and made Women superior to Men, and made them a way for men to enter Jannah.

These are the three things you will get if you are good to your Mother, Sister, and Wife;

  1. Jannah
  2. Strong Emaan
  3. The companionship of Muhammad (PBUH) on the day of judgment.

And again, men and women are not equal at all, both of them have their own respect, value, and place. JazakAllah

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In the hereafter, it seems that men are the ones who become the will of Allah, not women. All the prophets were men, as are the imams. These are the ones that rule there and here on earth. Women just tag along. That’s why women can suggest something, and it might be considered by men, and that is why woman was just created as a comfort to men. God did not create women as the leaders.Sad, but true.

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