8 Ways Your Can Give Charity Without Giving Money

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Charity is one of the things which makes other lives better. It’s a thing which God loves the most. But sometimes, shortage of money can make one stop from doing charity. These are the ways you can donate without spending money.

1. Give Out Old Clothes

If you have old clothes which you do not wear anymore, then it’s better to give them out to the people who are in dire need of clothes.

2. Volunteer

Volunteer your skills and specialities to the relevant department to help the people in need. Like Volunteering in City cleaning drive or helping out in emergency department of any hospital.

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3. Helping Older or Disable People

Helping out homeless, disable and poor people who can not help themselves by helping them like Feeding them or helping them with their daily life concerns.

4. Give Blood

Give blood to the blood bank and offer your blood for free if someone is in need of it.

5. Donate Unusable House Stuff

Like Coolers, Blankets or an Old computer etc, you can charity them to the people who can not afford to have such luxuries. It can also be your old toys.

6. Raise Voice for Opressed

Use your social media to raise voice for the issues of poor and oppressors.

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7. Helping an Ill Person

Visiting an ill person as well as help them with their matter during the rough patch of their lives.

8. Spread Knowledge

Spreading knowledge of Islam is also plays a vital role in one’s life. Spreading knowledge of Islam come up with a great reward, we at The Islamic Information reaches a million huge pool of muslims so you can also Write for us and can charity without even spending any money.

Write for us, and donate to charity without even spending any money and get reward as long as people read them.

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