How to Perform Umrah on Family Visit Visa (Step-by-Step)

A 3-step process of performing Umrah on Family Visit Visa.
Perform Umrah on Family Visit Visa
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Embarking on the spiritual journey of Umrah while on a family visit visa is a cherished opportunity for Muslims around the world.

This article presents a concise step-by-step guide to help you navigate the intricacies of this pilgrimage, from obtaining the visa to performing the sacred rituals in the holy city of Mecca.

Umrah, a voluntary pilgrimage open to Muslims year-round except during Hajj, involves profound acts of devotion, such as circumambulating the Kaaba, traversing between Safa and Marwa hills, and symbolically shedding hair.

A pilgrimage undertaken to seek Allah’s mercy and forgiveness, Umrah holds a special place in the hearts of believers.

However, executing Umrah on a family visit visa necessitates adhering to specific procedures to ensure a seamless journey. A family visit visa, facilitating a temporary stay in Saudi Arabia for visiting relatives, is distinct from an Umrah permit, which mandates additional steps to enter the Grand Mosque in Mecca.

Perform Umrah on Family Visit Visa

Below are the essential steps to follow when intending to perform Umrah on a family visit visa:

Total Time: 30 days

  1. Securing a Family Visit Visa Through a Resident Relative

    Initiate your journey by securing a family visit visa through a relative residing in Saudi Arabia. This relative, be it a parent, sibling, spouse, or child with legal residency or citizenship in Saudi Arabia, is the sole individual eligible to apply on your behalf.

    The application process unfolds on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs unified national platform.

    Completing the online application entails furnishing personal information including name, passport details, nationality, relationship, intended duration of stay, and the purpose of your visit. Additionally, scanned copies of your passport, your photograph, and your relative’s proof of residence or citizenship must be uploaded.

    Following submission, a confirmation message with an application number will be received, and the next step involves visiting a local Chamber of Commerce in Saudi Arabia to pay the required fee and acquire an essential stamp.

    The stamped confirmation page is then forwarded to you, which, when presented, becomes a key element in the subsequent steps. With this document in hand, proceed to the nearest Saudi embassy or consulate in your homeland.

    Alongside the confirmation page, your original passport, two passport-sized photographs, a possible medical certificate, and any documents requested by the embassy are to be submitted.

    After processing, a family visit visa sticker, varying in validity and duration, will be affixed to your passport. Normally, this visa extends over three months, granting a 30-day stay in Saudi Arabia.

  2. Reserving an Appointment via Nusuk App

    You can read our guide on getting an Umrah permit on Nusuk.

    The journey continues by securing an appointment through the Nusuk app before heading to the Grand Mosque in Mecca. This official app streamlines the process of reserving slots for Umrah or mosque visits.

    The app can be accessed from the Google play store or the Apple App store.

    The next step is to verify the contact number upon registration via OTP code followed by entering personal information as required. This includes your name, nationality, passport number, visa number, and anticipated arrival date in Saudi Arabia.

    Submission of a passport and visa copy is also mandatory. After completing your profile, select Umrah as your desired service and indicate your preferred date and time slot for the pilgrimage.

    The app showcases available slots based on the capacity limits and social distancing protocols mandated by Saudi authorities. You can also specify whether you intend to perform Umrah individually or as part of a group.

    Confirmation of your booking and payment, if applicable, can be completed through online methods. A QR code and a confirmation message will be generated and accessible through the app. This QR code will serve as your entry pass upon reaching the Grand Mosque.

  3. Embarking on the Umrah Journey

    With the arrangements in place, you are ready to embark on your sacred Umrah journey. May your pilgrimage be accepted and blessed by Allah.

In conclusion, performing Umrah on a family visit visa entails a meticulous yet spiritually enriching process. From acquiring the family visit visa through a resident relative to reserving your Umrah slot via the Nusuk app, each step plays a crucial role in ensuring a seamless and meaningful journey.

As you undertake this blessed endeavor, may your devotion be rewarded and your prayers answered.

How can I obtain a family visit visa for Saudi Arabia?

You can get a family visit visa for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through a relative living in Saudi Arabia. The relative has to apply for the visa on your behalf.

How can I book an appointment for performing Umrah on a family visit visa?

You can book an appointment for Umrah via Nusuk app on your Android or iPhone.

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