Thugs in America Throws Urine Cup At Muslim Woman as She Cries

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Thugs in the United States of America threw a Urine cup at a Muslim woman and verbally abused her in a broad daylight.

This incident came to public attention after her video of crying went viral on Social Media.

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In the video, the Muslim woman seemed helpless as she describes in the video that in broad daylight some thugs have threw Urine cup at her and verbally abused her while she stood helpless.

As of now, our correspondent does not have enough information about the woman’s location but her name is Somaya, which can be seen in the video. Surprisingly, there are no reports of any sort of complaints, and no media coverage has been given to this incident.

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The authorities have told the correspondents that they’re currently in touch with Somaya and are investigating the issue. Although, the thugs have not been identified yet, Police is sure that they will capture the people who were behind this Islamophobic attack.

Muslims all around the world took to Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit to seek justice for the woman, and to speed up the process to arrest the people who did this to her in a broad daylight.

If you have any news about the woman in this video, don’t forget to email us the tip at [email protected], we will verify and publish it.

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A Shabbir Ahmed

There is a clear pattern emerging through all these Islamophobia crimes the world over. There is a 57 member Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC) which must take this issue with the head of state of the countries where these crimes happen. A few months ago, modi and his rss goons were warned by the OIC for blaming the Tablighi Jamaat for spreading the Corona Virus in India. A Fb post of a bjp-rss member of parliament insulting Arab women also was condemned and a notice issued by the Princess of Qatar that they will repatriate all Hindu Indians working in… Read more »

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