King Salman to Host 1,000 Umrah Pilgrims From Around the World

King Salman’s initiative of inviting thousands of guests to Umrah receives appreciation.
King Salman
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RIYADH – King Salman extends a gracious invitation to a thousand influential Muslims worldwide for Umrah.

Led by the Ministry of Islamic Affairs, this unique initiative fosters brotherhood, encouraging dialogue and connection among prominent scholars

In 2024, King Salman invites one thousand individuals worldwide to participate in Umrah. The Saudi Press Agency stated that the Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Call, and Guidance is in charge of this unique initiative, the King’s Guests initiative for Hajj, Umrah, and Visit.

Sheikh Abdullatif Al-Sheikh, the minister of Islamic affairs, thanked King Salman, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, and Prime Minister Mohammed bin Salman for their thoughtful gesture.

He claimed that it demonstrates the Saudi leaders’ commitment to upholding Islam and Muslims, encouraging Muslim fraternity throughout the world, and holding meaningful discussions with people engaged in diverse facets of Islamic activity.

One thousand prominent Muslims from around the globe will be welcomed as part of the Guests Program. This includes university academics, sheiks, intellectuals, notable people, and Islamic scholars. They will travel to Madinah to pray in the Prophet’s mosque and conduct Umrah.

Al-Sheikh commended the Ministry of Islamic Affairs for its ongoing assistance in various domains, which enables it to fulfill its mission of promoting Islam and Muslims. The ministry’s goals are to combat bigotry, fanaticism, and extremism while promoting the ideals and values of Islam.

He prayed for God to reward King Salman and the Crown Prince for their outstanding work bringing Islam and Muslims together and fortifying their bonds. In addition, he prayed for the safety and prosperity of the nation. He requested the pilgrims accept Umrah, guaranteeing their comfortable and safe return to their home countries.

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