Don’t Do These 10 Things With Your Smartphone (iOS/Android)

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Smartphone is our life long companion, which we can not afford to lose. But it comes with great danger, and we must know how to kick that danger away. Please never ever do these 10 things with your smartphone!

1. Do not leave your smartphone for charge all night

When you leave it for charge, you are actually making it work like a time bomb. Because, overnight the mobile phone over charges and goes near to explode. So do not try to put it on charge for the entire night.

2. Do not change your smartphone battery

Some people changes their battery because their mobile phone is not working like it used to work. But changing battery comes with different specifications, which means charging it can cause battery explosion.

3. Never ever use local chargers

Local chargers destroys your battery.

4. Do not sleep with your phone near you

It’s lethal! because if it explodes then you will never know.

5. Do not enter credit card details via Mobile phone

Since out smartphones do not have any kind of security, so inserting card details will be a treat to hackers.

6. Do not use your phone if it starts Overheating

Many people keep using their phone as it over heats, while not knowing the fact that over heating means that your phone can blow up anytime soon.

7. Do not expose it in Rain

Taking mobile out in rain is highly risky as the water goes into mobile and causes short circuit.

8. Do not install unknown apps

Unknown applications can install malwares into your phone which can help hackers hack your phones and steam your pictures and videos.

9. Do not keep your phone in your Chest pocket

Do not keep it in your chest pocket, because if it explodes, then your chest will be saved.

10. Do not listen to Music when your phone is on charge

Many people listen to music headphones while the phone is on charge, sometimes, if battery explodes then it burns the headphones by giving it excessive current which can damage your ear.


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