12 Things You Should Know Before Your Wedding Night

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Wedding Night is that topic which is considered to be the Taboo but in Islam everything is well defined because it is the right way of living.

These are the 12 things which every Boy and Girls should know before their Wedding night

1. Sexual intercourse on the first night is not compulsory

This is one of the biggest misconception that the couple should engage sexually on their wedding night. In Islam, there is no such thing. Islam says, the couples should engage in sex whenever they want to. If someone says that one has to do it on the first night then it is wrong. It is entirely couple’s decision when they would want to do that.

2. Halal Sex is a healthy way of life

Every human being has sexual desires, and Allah loves those couples who seek desires from their partners (husband wife).

3. No need to hurt

You need to make contact with your wife if it hurts, if she says it does then you should stop and apply some lube to make her feel less pain.

4. Never neglect foreplay

Just do not rush into sexual intercourse all at once, Girl has also needs . Foreplay means kissing and talking etc. In a hadith it is described as;

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foreplay hadith

5. “Hymen Check” doesn’t mean virginity check!

It is not virginity check because some women have stronger hymenal tissues, which causes bleeding when they first engage in intercourse during wedding night and some have thinner while some are not born with it. While Hymenal tissues can be broken just by a girl doing masturbation. So Hymen Check is not virginity check.

6. Bleeding Varies Woman to Woman

It happens when Hymen gets torned it is the tissues inside the vagina which can vary person to person. And some girls are born without any Hymenal Tissue which means they can’t bleed.

7. Lube

Couples should not just rush into it, they should use things which can make the girl feel less pain. In a Hadith it is quoted

sex practice islam

8. Don’t make Orgasm your only goal

It will take time as the man comes quickly while women needs some time to orgasm. Do not make it your goal. spend some time so your partner can understand your body and sexual needs.

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sex in islam quran hadith

9. Erectile Dysfunction

It can happen to any man, if your husband have it so you do not have to worry about anything as it is curable and need a better doctor consultation.

10. Never ever copy Porn!

Real life sex life is very different and an upside down version of what you see in those movies. A couple should talk about it and should never engage in any activity or force his wife to do something which she isn’t comfortable doing. In a hadith it is clearly stated.

nudes in islam

11. Do not engage in Anal Intercourse

Anal intercourse is strictly Haram in Islam. It is defined that Anal is worse ever thing a person can do that even Animals do not do that. Allah says in Quran;

anal sex quran

12. Do not have sex during Menstruation period

This is a natural thing which happens to every Women, during this period girls usually experience mood swings and pain. So forcing them for sex is very unhealthy for them as Quran asks men not to include in Sexual intercourse during this period.

sex mensuration period quran



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