Tampons Are Haram (Prohibited) In Islam, And This Is The Reason Why

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Tampons are the women’s product for the sanitization purposes, but it is labeled Haram in Islam. Many people ask questions why is it haram and where in Quran or Hadith it is prohibited? So This is the answer to their question

A tampon is a mass of absorbent material. It is made of cotton. Tampons are used by women in their menstrual cycle or flow. Previously girls used cotton pads in that days but now to be modern they considered to used tampon because you just insert it into the virginal hole, no pad or panties are required. Most of the swimmers used it because their costume is short and wearing underwear with pads is not comfortable. Use of tampon is increasing day by day. And now it becomes the hot topic of discussion that: Is using Tampon is forbidden in Islam or not?

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Firstly, we have to clear that there is no clarification or justification of tampons in Quran and there are no Hadiths related to it. So, how can we say that Using of tampons is Haram or forbidden when there is not any clue.

islam tampons halal haram

Well if you are married then it will be easy for you to use tampons but if you are unmarried or virgin then it can be damage your virginity if you don’t use it in right manner. Or if you can’t fix it right then you can be consult to doctor and might be there are chances to lose virginity without any sexual attempt and it can create problem in your first night that in this modern world, still rules and mentality of some person is not that wide to understand that you lose it because of the use of tampons.

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Well, there is no harm of health by using tampons but I will advise to all unmarried girls not to use them if you don’t know the proper method of use.

From all this, you can be satisfied that Using Tampons is not haram and not halal. It’s up to you if you want to use then go for I if you don’t want to use then nobody can force you to use them.


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