Surahs Interrupted By Inappropriate Ads on Youtube and Shouldn’t Be Monetized, Pakistani Singer Bilal Maqsood

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Bilal Maqsood, Pakistani Singer and songwriter have express discontentment in his recent Instagram post telling that Surahs and Duas on YouTube should no be monetized, as they’re interrupted by the inappropriate ads such as jingles and other unislamic things.

He further said that the behavior of monetizing Surah on YouTube is very disrespectful.

Bilal Maqsood is a famous musician and the son of Anwar Maqsood who is a famous writer in Pakistan and all around the world.

Here is what Bilal posted this on his Instagram;

At the start of this week, Bilal also talked about how banning YouTube in Pakistan is an illogical approach. He further said that banning YouTube is never a solution. He also said, banning Social Media apps is like pushing the country 20 years backward.

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Making his argument clear, he said if someone wants to watch anything explicit, they will do it no matter what, even if you ban those apps.

Do you agree with him? Let us know in the comments box below.

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A Shabbir Ahmed

Well Said by the Pakistani Singer Bilal Maqsood. How no one noticed or flagged this grave insult to The Qur’an.
We must take this issue to the highest level in the youtube owner’s board and have this settled to remove these inappropriate ads in between such Sacred Recitations of the Qur’anic Surahs.

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