Listen To This Astonishing Story When Abu Hurairah (RA) Met The Devil

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Abu Hurayrah  (603–681), regularly spelled Abu Hurairah, was a buddy of the Islamic prophet Muhammad and the most productive storyteller of hadith.

He was known by the kunyah Abu Hurairah (“Father of the Kitten”), yet his genuine name is varied upon, the most prevalent sentiment being that it was ‘Abd ar-Raḥmān ibn Ṣakhr. Abu Hurairah put in 2 years in the organization of Muhammad and went on undertakings and trips with him. It is evaluated that he described around 5,374 hadiths. This has driven individuals to censure him because of the majority of his hadiths being Aahad (the sermon was just seen by one individual or one locale).

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Abu Hurairah grasped Islam through Tufayl ibn Amr the chieftain of his tribe. Tufayl had come back to his town in the wake of meeting Muhammad and turn into a Muslim in the early years of his central goal. Abu Hurairah was one of the first to react to his call, dissimilar to the lion’s share of Tufayl’s tribesmen. Abu Hurairah went with Tufayl to Mecca to meet Muhammad who renamed him Abd al-Rahman (worker of the Merciful, one of the 99 Names of God). Abu Hurairah at that point come back to his tribe for a long time.

He is also known as one of the narrators who has narrated 80% of the hadiths as per Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim. And this story will leave you amazed as you know the other side of his.  His meeting with the Devil is a lesson for all of us, Muiz Bukhary tells the story himself, as the meeting of Abu Hurayrah (RA) and The Devil (Shaythaan) goes, you wanna know what happened next, the video is a must-watch.

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Listen to his story when he met the devil:

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