Heart Touching Story of The Necklace Of Sayyida Fatimah Zahra

Heart Touching Story of The Necklace Of Sayyida Fatimah Zahra
Paolo Cifuentes

One day, Rasulullah was approached by an old man. He informed him that he had been migrated and desperately needs food and clothes. Unfortunately, Rasulullah had nothing to give him and then told him to go to the Sayyidah Fatimah’s house.

It has been three days since Fatimah and her family had nothing to eat, she could only give the old man a skin that she used to cover her sons with. But the old man refused it, he said the skin wouldn’t help his hunger. So Fatimah unfastened her necklace, she gives it to him and said that it would be a solution to his problem.

The old man returned to Rasulullah ﷺ and told him that Fatimah gave him her necklace, Rasulullah cried upon hearing the generosity of his beloved daughter.

Ammar Ibn Yasir, who had been watching, immediately asked for permission to buy the necklace to Rasulullah. The Messenger of Allah allowed him to buy it and told him whoever buys the necklace will be saved from Hellfire.

Ammar Ibn Yasir asked the old man for the price and he answered he needs a meal of bread and meat, a Yemeni shirt to cover him and to perform his prayers, and also enough money to come back to his family. Ammar then gives him all of the things he asked for and also added 20 dinars, 200 dirhams, and also gives him a horse to take him home.

The old man was filled with happiness, he raised his hands and made dua for Sayyida Fatimah, who had helped him to solve his problems.

Ammar later hand it the necklace to a slave boy and told him to give both the necklace and himself as a gift to Rasulullah.

However, Rasulullah told him to go to Sayyida Fatimah’s house. Fatimah took the necklace and set the boy free. The boy felt so much joy, he said that he’s impressed by the abundance of goodness contained within the necklace. It fed a hungry man, clothed a naked man, satisfied a poor man, and freed a slave, and returned to its actual owner.

The story is reported by Jabir bin Abdallah Al Ansari.

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