Sri Lankan Muslims Facing Severe Backlash After Easter Sunday Attacks, Starts Flying From Country

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Sri Lankan Muslims have been facing tough times after Easter Sunday Attacks which claimed 250 lives, some of the Muslims have started fleeing the country, New York Times reported.

Right after the attack, AFP had confirmed the fact that Muslims are going to face a lot of difficulties. AFP had also made a video on the basis of their claims that the situation in Sri Lanka will go worse for Muslims as Sri Lanka has been made a No Go Area temporarily.

Most of the Muslims are currently facing severe backlash but it is going unreported as Sri Lankan Muslims are unable to find a way to report the gangs burning their things.

I was cooking in my house when I heard lots of people shouting outside our houses in Sri Lanka when a went out to see what was going on, I saw a group of Christian men with iron rods were trying to attack us after the Easter Sunday attacks.

A muslim lady told New York Times.

Muslims have repeatedly come forward and accepted the fact that ISIS does not follow Islam and can never be called Muslims. Muslims even call ISIS men, “a bunch of Terrorists”. Muslims in Sri Lanka even fasted to show love and empathy for the Cristian brothers and sisters who lost their lives in the deadly attacks.

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To show support, Sri Lankan Muslim leaders have supported the Burqa Ban in Sri Lanka to show their full support to eliminate terrorism.

Moreover, The New York Times also made a video to show what kind of hatred and condition Muslims have been facing in Sri Lanka right now.

Indeed, what happened at Sri Lanka is highly commendable and the terrorists responsible for this attack must help accountable but the attack on the Muslim minority in Sri Lanka is making things difficult for them.

Cover Photo by Adam Dean for The New York Times

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