Solar Eclipse During Muhammad (PBUH) Time Was Special For Some Reason

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The solar eclipse that happened during the time of beloved Muhammad (PBUH) is proof that he was the last messenger of God Almighty. This Eclipse happened after one of the most tragic incidents in the life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). The Eclipse took place just once in his life & that too, when Muhammad was sixty-one years old.

The youngest kid, Ibrahim, was born to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) & Maria the Copt. Muhammad (PBUH) one son from his last married woman, Maria The Copt (Qubtia) RA & had 3 daughters & 2 sons from his first married woman Hazrat Khadija RA. However, it was meant to be that our beloved Muhammad wouldn’t bear a son, as God Almighty clearly told in Surah Al-Ahzab that the Prophet will not have any male kids.

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Muhammad (PBUH) knew this many years ago but then it happened, the little Ibrahim died. This was one of the most hurting & tragic incidents in the life of Muhammad (PBUH). There were only a number of times that he cried in public & this was one of them. So when he began to cry, so did the Sahaba. The grief spread across Medina like wildfire.

The Moon aligned itself in the route of the Sun in such a manner that there was no light however darkness all over. Just as the masjid was full of gatherers who came to offer their condolences, the solar eclipse happened. So a rumor began to spread across Medina, not one that was started by Muhammad (peace be upon him) however, one that made sense on itself.

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Imprinting an example of the finality of Muhammad (PBUH) that no Muslim in their right state of mind can deny it through this incident brings the feeling of mythology to Islam, however, it happened with all its certainty.

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