Shia Imam Khamenei Said Praying Behind Sunnis Is Like Praying Behind Prophet

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A famous Shia Imam Khamenei has said that praying behind Sunnis in Masjid al-Haram is like praying behind a Prophet, reported Iran media.

This statement came after lots of Shia Muslims have asked their clerics whether praying behind Sunnis while performing Hajj is allowed or not. In the reply to this, Imam Khamenei said that you can pray behind Sunnis, which is equal to praying behind prophets.

He further mentioned that it is the time when Sunnis and Shias should be united as they’re under the flag of Islam. And should teach Non-Muslims Islam which media is not showing them.

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He emphasized that whether it is Masjid an Nabawi, Masjid Al Haram or places like Battle of Uhud, Mina or Arafat, he said all places are sacred and praying behind a qualified Sunni imam is equal to praying behind a prophet as that Sunni imam knows Islam very well.

Imam Khamenei said that we must be human and should not create any hassle for anyone by indulging in something which has no basis. He also advised all the Iranian Hajj Pilgrims to follow Sunni Muslims while performing Hajj as it is the time when you have to respect them. And when you will respect them, they will surely respect you back.

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Lastly, He urged all the people that we must talk to each other politely, and show kindness to each other, that is the way that Allah wants their people to be. He said it is the time when Muslims all around the world are being abused, and this is the time when we have to reunite each other for the cause of Islam.

This statement is being welcomed by many Sunnis for showing so much respect for them.

What do you think about this statement? Let us know in the comments box below.

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Alexander Noor

Very good development. Hope this will progress more to a better understanding between shia and sunni clerics. It is high time to unite the muslim ummah.



Khaleel Hassan

May Almighty God Allah SWT will forgive our sins and bless the Muslim Ummaah and Unites all Islami Nations around the world including Saudi Arabia , Yemen , Syria , Islamic Republic of Iran , and Arab Emirati etc.

Abdulahi karimu

Let Muslims become a one big family check their differences and deal with the truth and remain the ambassadors of peace for mankind as Islam suggested

A Siddiqui

It is very good statement, this statement will unite world muslim Insha- Allah SWT. It is time to reunite the muslims.

Sheikh Mohammad Ashraf

This is the only talk form last decade that i had listen about the wellbeing of muslims…. … I saw only muslims inculpate each other…
Nodoubt we are divided into firqa…..
But no body among us, who knows ,which one is right…..
So, we can’t decide which one is wrong and which is right….
And who among us will be wrong, Allah will punish him and who is on right path will be rewarded… ….
So stop blameing each other………
Think about the Islam and the life hereafter…..
May Allah unite all muslims…. Ameen

MD kar


Umar Abdulazeez

Alhamdulillah a lesson for all ummah, time for reunification of all who pronouce kalmatul shahada. Allah Akbar.


This step to be really appreciated by both shia & sunnis. Being sunni i love & respect them


This is what we need in Islam we are all one


It is difficult to believe a Shia especially when we consider previous taqiyyah free comments by shia well known scholars


This is ignorance bro. We are being called to hold fast to the convenant of Allah(swt) and never to be divided. Of you are man of understanding you will definitely take heed.

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