Saudi Arabia Admits Sighting Wrong Eid Moon, Pays 1.6 billion Kafarra

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Saudi Arabia sighted wrong Eid moon and announced Eid wrong. Saudi Government has paid 1.6 billion Kafarraa for the missed fast, Pakistani News Outlet, 24 News claimed.

The Pakistani news outlet has announced this on TV, this is the clip from the TV recording which was broadcast live on TV claiming that Saudi Arabia has sighted the wrong Eid moon.

Furthermore, Tweeted about this incident to claim the full responsibility and authenticity of this news.

For those readers who cannot understand the Urdu language, this is the translation of what is being said in the video and in the tweet;

The moon was not sighted in Saudi Arabia on June 3rd. Saudi Government has given 1.6 Million Riyals kafarra of the missing fast. Saudi Government has said that they have sighted the wrong Eid moon. The moon Saudi Government has mistaken Saturn with Eid moon.

Pakistani Media claimed.

Meanwhile, no major Saudi Arabian news outlets have claimed this news, neither accepted the fact that they have sighted the wrong moon.

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But almost all major Pakistani News channels have claimed that Saudi Arabia has sighted the wrong moon. But Saudi Arabia has not commented on this matter despite the news have been spread all over Pakistan.

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