The Unheard Cries of Muslims – Blog

The Unheard Cries of Muslims - Blog

If we have a vision upon the Muslims of the world and keep our ears towards them with a kind heart and positive mind, we may see and hear them very clearly. We would see many of the Muslims sick of troubles and tired of migrations. We would hear them screaming to be helped and see them waiting to be encouraged.

We would see them in inhuman humiliation and in an indiscriminate situation of brutality. We would hear them crying inside the invisible flames by barbarians. Nevertheless, at the same time, they are called terrorists, extremists, and militants. Nobody is there to hear their unheard cries and to call them innocent, unsaved and helpless. Being whispering for freedom and crying with unstoppable tears for abet, they are unshown and unlistened.

 The brutality of the Indian force being used against innocent Kashmiris has crossed the limits. The occupied force has suppressed Kashmiris’ weeping voices. According to a Radio report on 30th May approximately 90 people were injured after Indian occupying forces opened fire on a crowd against the ‘Cordon and Search’ operation in the Indian-occupied Kashmir.

On the other hand, the barbarian Israeli forces left no experiments over Palestinians who are being brutally rubbed to a maximum degree and deprived of their right to worship as Aljazeera reported on Friday 31st May the murderous forces opened fire and killed a teen while entering a mosque in the occupied East Jerusalem.

Moreover, Afghan Muslims have been killed and used like tissue papers, apart from men children and women along with Masjids and Madrassas (seminaries) are made the target of air strikes, as a recent air attack on Kunduz Madrassa, in 2018, deprived an undetermined number of Afghan civilians of lives. According to an official report in 2014, 149,000 people were killed since 2001; meanwhile, the Taliban claimed that 150,000 mujahedeen were martyred since the US attacked.

Furthermore, during war and terror, more than 45,000 Pakistanis gave up their souls. In addition to these, many more countries where Musalmans are tortured either by their governments or foreign authorities, Libya, Syria, India, and Burma, etc are the glaring examples.

Meanwhile, the specter of Daesh (ISIS) emerged another threat to the lives of Muslims more than non-muslims certainly in South Asia. Afghanistan, where the government itself committed that by December 2015, the Daesh controlled at least districts of Nangarhar province, is an alive example. In Bangladesh after accepting, an attack on a restaurant in Dhaka, in 2016, Daesh indicated itself. Also in Pakistan, it is trying to establish its foothold.

Either the claimers, considered themselves the fathers of humanity, are sleeping or they made themselves asleep. Media is also silent to disclose the brutality, happening to the Muslims, to the world, or it is only for the non-muslims.

When the 9/11 attack happened, only 3000 people have died and the world was shaken. Most of the non-muslims were crying with George Walker Bush, US president (2001-2009), and were ready for the vengeance with him. In addition, when only 207 were killed on 21st April a month before last in Sri Lanka, on Easter, media of the world was roaring.

But when more than 24,000 Rohingya  Muslims have been killed since August 2017  (According to a report released by Ontario International Development Agency), more than 34,000  were thrown into fire included 730 children below the age of 5, 115,000 houses were burnt and 113,000 others were vandalized, and 730,000 were made to flee to neighboring Bangladesh by Myanmar’s state forces. The media was hiding such events.

Why? They were Muslims that is why or the media was tired or it was common to Muslims everywhere in the world?

In addition to that, I have disgruntlement and appeal to the sleeping Muslims who are still dreaming under the slavery of infidels, who have closed their eyes and shut ears towards them. You are like a body where one part pains others are unsatisfied.

It is the time to wake up, your body has been diseased with cancer and it (cancer) itself expands but you are still unaware, if you think you are safe in your homeland, the coming turn is yours. Help your body parts and save yourself.

The last prophet of Allah, Muhammad (SAW), called you brothers to each other, means you would love one another and feel the pain of one another; you would be present for help when needed. Nevertheless, you act oppositely; you yourselves hurt your brothers and parts of the body. Why don’t you, the Muslims brothers to each other, help and raise a voice for your brothers? Why do you not feel the ache of the parts of your body? Why are you still quiet? Your brothers have been being played like a football for many decades.

You are to convey the voices of your brothers to the world. You are to show them to the world, and you are the people to help, to encourage, to abet and to take them out of brutality.

OIC is a platform where all Muslims’ issues can be raised and discussed. Such a platform where all Muslim leaders meet can figure out the solution of Muslims’ grievances, but before that, the cleavages among the Muslims countries must be filled up.

Our own Muslims countries are cutting the legs of each other. For instance, Afghanistan which even ignores the recognition of Pakistan and supports, Pakistan’s enemy, India. Meanwhile, Bangladesh is always ready to suck the blood of Pakistan. Sheikh Hasina, Bangladeshi PM since 2009, on 25th March 2018 said to a gathering,” Those who still love Pakistan must be punished we must make them forget their love for Pakistan.”(Reported by BD News 24).

Furthermore, Saudi and Yemen as New York Time reported in May 2019,” Saudi warplanes still bomb civilians in Yemen.” Saudi also supports the US against Iran. Raising the issues of the Muslims is unexpected unless disputes among Muslims are settled and their unity is confirmed.

Unfortunately, the sectarianism has torn apart the Muslims world. It went in the extreme to the degree due to which they labeled one another kafir (non-Muslims). Moreover, some Jihadists are also attracted more by sectarianism than common ideology.

We must, first, get rid of sectarianism since it became the bleeding wound of Muslims’ unity. It is fanning the fire and nourishing the hatred among the Muslims. Demolishing sectarianism is the abolition of hatred and eradication of brutality over Musalmans.

Author: Adnan Ullah

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