Roza of Prophet Muhammad PBUH Reopen Today for Public

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Roza of Prophet Muhammad PBUH is scheduled to reopen from 1st Rabi Ul Awwal, allowing pilgrims and visitors to visit it while social distancing.

In the next two weeks, Muslims will be able to offer their Salam to the Prophet Muhammad PBUH as Saudi Authorities have finalized all the steps to reopen from 1st Rabi ul Awwal.

Through the Etamarna application, 75% of the pilgrim capacity has been allowed, while all those visiting the Rowdha of Prophet Muhammad PBUH should follow the social distancing.

This is the great news for all the Muslims that will allow them to visit the Roza of Prophet Muhammad PBUH after months of Coronavirus lockdown. As Coronavirus in Muslim countries is decreasing rapidly, Saudi Arabia has started opening all the Islamic sacred places for Muslims all around the world.

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Meanwhile, Flights from India to Saudi Arabia are still banned after India has become the epicenter for the COVID-19 cases.

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Pls what is Roza of the prophet?

A Shabbir Ahmed

It is to be rightly called as Rawdah Sharif of Rasul Allah(ﷺ)

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