Coronavirus Cases In Muslim Countries Are Rapidly Decreasing

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The Coronavirus Cases In Muslim Countries are continuing to decrease since the 4th of June in Iran, 15th of June in Pakistan, 17th of June in Saudi Arabia, 2nd of July in Bangladesh, 19th of June in Kuwait, 4th of September in Iraq, 30th of May in Qatar, 11th of April in Turkey, 8th of August in Kazakhastan, 3rd of August in Uzbekistan, 14th of July in Oman, 17th of June in Afghanistan, 2nd of July in Azerbaijan, 4th of June in Malaysia, 27th of July in Algeria, and 27th of July in Kyrgyzstan.

The maximum amount of cases recorded per day, i.e. on 15 of June, were 6,825 from Pakistan and on September 20th only 640 cases were recorded, which revealed a good decline in the coronavirus cases. On the other hand, the accumulated amount of the cases reported were 306,304 and a total of 6,420 people died due to coronavirus, yet 293,869 people recovered.

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Iran was the Muslim country that was highly affected where the total number of cases went to 425,481 and around 24,478 people died, yet 361,523 people are known to be survived.

In Bangladesh, the second-highest number of coronavirus cases were recorded being a total of 350,621 positive cases along with 4,979 people who died and 258,717 recovered. On June 17th, Saudi Arabia recorded 4,919 cases that significantly reached to 551 cases.

Coronavirus Cases In Muslim Countries

The overall count of the positive coronavirus increased to more than 3.6 million in the OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation) i.e, 57 countries. The ones died were 89,614 whereas 3,083,194 people successfully recovered from the coronavirus. As reported, coronavirus cases were being recorded from a total of 19 countries, where Pakistan appeared to have the lowest one.

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A Shabbir Ahmed

A Global Pandemic at this scale of contagious spread is definitely Allah’s Punishment for the corrupt ways of life of the human race.

There is fraud and sin in anything and everything. The list is endless. The new sin on the list is Sodomy or same sex relationships and marriages, totally against the Nature of Allah’s Creation.

The People of Aad and The Thamud were destroyed by Allah due to Sodomy.

And history has repeated itself now.

It is a pity,that even now the stupid human race has not realized the reason for this catastrophe.

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