Amazing Facts About Qatar Making The World Envious Of Them

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Qatar has been in headlines due to political reasons, but despite bashing any country, we would like to let you know some amazing facts about Qatar.

✅ – the highest per capita income in the world at the rate of 146 thousand dollars annually
✅ – the second country in the world in the number of millionaires approximately 30 thousand millionaires
✅ – the first Arab and fourth in the world in quality education after Japan.
✅ – the first in the Arab world and sixth in the world at the level of quality of health.
✅ – First in the Arab world and ranked 20th in the world in the fight against corruption
✅ – the second country in the rate of security and safer risk of terrorism
✅ – the first Arab and 12 globally in the Global Competitiveness Report.
✅ – The world’s first country is ranked in the indicators of unemployment.
✅ – Qatari bank assets QR1.1 trillion.
✅ – Qatar is the largest Arab bank with assets of about 520 billion riyals
✅ – $ 300 billion sovereign fund involving 39 countries.
✅ – Significant shares in Europe’s largest banks Barclays and Credit Suisse.
✅ – the world’s largest luxury goods store Harrods London.
✅ – annually spend $ 6 billion on scientific research projects.
✅ – Qatar Airways fastest growing world 170 aircraft.
✅ – Qatar Telecom operates in 17 countries with 107 million subscribers.
✅ – Qatar owns 28% of the towers of London, the capital of Britain.
✅ – All its citizens are treated externally at the expense of the State.
✅ – the only country in the world where water and electricity are free.
✅ – the only country in the world that has no taxes.
✅ – Hamad Airport receives the title of the finest airport in the world.
✅ – the world’s first state in the spread of optical fiber.
✅ – the world’s first country in infrastructure indicators.
✅ – the first country in the world in national savings.
✅ – the safest country against disaster risk.
✅ – the first Arab country in the speed of the Internet.
✅ – the first Arab country in the food security index.
✅ – the first Arab country in human development.
✅ – the first Arab country in the development of the capital market.
✅ – the first Arab country in the airlines.
✅ – the world’s first LPG production in the world.
✅ – owns the second largest fleet of gas transport in the world.
✅ – owns 15 billion barrels of oil enough for 40 years.
✅ – owns 900 trillion cubic feet of gas is enough for 143 years.
✅ – ranked 4th globally in petrochemical production.

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It is a state that cares about science and scientific research

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