Pakistani Madrassa Broke World Record By Producing 1 Million Hafiz e Quran

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Wafaq ul Madaris, a Pakistani Madrassa has broken the world record by producing over 1 million Hafiz e Quran in the world.

1 million students have completed memorization of the Holy Quran after an exam was initiated in 1982 by the Wafaq ul Madaris.

Wafaq-ul-Madaris general secretary Qari Hafeez Jalandhari said;

In 2019, more than 78,000 students became Hafiz e Quran, there were 14,000 female students among them, he said.

He further said that kids from age four to sever gets enrolled in our Madrasas and completes the memorization of the Holy Quran in just two year.

In this Pakistani madrassa, alongside memorization of the Quran, these children are also given basic education which includes English, Urdu, Mathematics, Pakistan Studies, and Science.

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Qari Hafeez Jalandhari also compared the annual figures of Hafiz e Quran in Pakistan with the Hafiz e Quran in Saudi Arabia, he said Saudi Arabia only produces five thousand Hafiz e Quran every year.

Recognizing the fact that Arabic is not our national language, but more kids from Pakistan are memorizing Quran in comparison with Saudi Arabia.

He said.

Qari Hafeez Jalandhari also acknowledge that the Saudi Government has praised the efforts of Wafar ul Madaris and also conferred it with an award.

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Abrar Sadeeq

Masha Allah…. These people are on the right path and how lucky are they that they learned the master ofall books and the best encyclopedic book of the universe….

Lukuman Bawa

Masha Allah, am really appreciate


What a nice place of Pakistan they are blessed سبحان الله

R Muthukumar

Better teach them some eternal values like love and brotherhood. If teaching Quran makes them extremists it is a waste of time.


What is your prblm are you kjnky

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