Pakistani Hajj Pilgrim Gives Birth To Twins After 9 Years Of Infertility

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After woe an infertility era of 9 long years, a Pakistani pilgrim accomplished her happiness of carrying out the Hajj by giving birth to twins, a healthy girl and a boy in Madinah Maternity and Child Hospital.

Gynecologists and obstetricians conveyed the doppelgangers by a C section operation, As per Al-Hayat newspaper on Wednesday. The mamma named them Haram and Hazar.

Pakistani pilgrim gives birth during hajj

Gifts were transferred on the mother from the hospital team and the community who wished her and her twins a jolly and wealthy life.

In the meantime, doctors in the Madinah hospitals accompanied 535 numerous surgeries for the staying pilgrims counting 180 heart tubes and 10 open-heart surgeries.

Director of the department of statistics of the health affairs, Ibrahim Al-Raddadi, told as many as 222,374 hajj pilgrims have aided from the health facilities being offered by the medical organizations in the holy city.

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He told of them, 205,503 were given the primary health care locations.

Raddadi told the Emergency custodians and the clinics got a total number of 16,871 hajj pilgrims while 5,842 helped from the ambulance facilities throughout which they conventional medical conduct at the location or conveyed to the hospitals.

He also told as many as 444 kidney dialysis processes were done at numerous hospitals and health locations in Madinah.

Dr. Abdul Hameed Al-Subhi, Director of the department of health affairs, told the hospitals and the periodic and lasting health centers would stay to deliver the pilgrims with healthcare 24/7.

“We are employed around-the-clock in full size to spread health facilities to the guests of Allah who are staying Madinah to pay respect to Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and worship at Masjid An Nabawi,” he said.

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On the other indicator, the executive general of Passports Department (Jawazat) in a declaration understood a total of 800,385 pilgrims have so far gone the Kingdom for their own homes after accomplishment the Haj.

It assumed 710,583 of them gone by air, 76,732 by land and 13,070 via sea.

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