Three Pakistani Divers Break Their Fast And Prayed Under The Deep Sea

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Sea and Ramadan and Salah! These three Pakistani sea divers have done it. They dive into the red sea and Saudi Arabia and made the Muslims proud!

Three Pakistanis living in Saudi Arabia went to the base of the Red Sea off the shore of Jeddah to welcome the time of fasting.

Yaheya Ashfaq, Umer Jan and Qazi Ajmal even took lamps for a full festival submerged.

Individuals swing to the light (fanoos) as a major aspect of the custom of the heavenly month. It is held tight galleries amid Ramadan.

Three Pakistani Divers Break Their Fast And Prayed Under The Deep Sea 1

Yaheya, an expert picture taker, taped the dive. The video, which has circulated around the web in Pakistan, demonstrates the three companions waving Saudi banners and imploring 140 feet submerged.

Yaheya disclosed to Saudi Gazette that one reason the gathering went submerged on the eve of Ramadan was to “highlight the significance that shorelines, coral reefs and the ocean play in our lives.

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Three Pakistani Divers Break Their Fast And Prayed Under The Deep Sea 2

“Submerged life in the kingdom is truly unexplored and can assume a noteworthy part in expanding tourism also,” he included.

Yaheya is an eager remote ocean jumper and loves the Red Sea shore. He has just a single word for it — “exceptional.” He has partaken in the shoreline cleaning drives. He was additionally some portion of the gathering that cleaned the Corniche approximately eight years prior with Prince Sultan Bin Salman, leader of the Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage.

Three Pakistani Divers Break Their Fast And Prayed Under The Deep Sea 3

Yaheya has already made a plunge Dubai and Yanbu. He said Jeddah’s shoreline stands separated from others in the district. “The boats lying on the bed of the ocean around Jeddah make the plunges beneficial. Also, the rugged coasts are an ideal set to the coral reefs,” he included.

He said the sorts of fish one is well on the way to experience amid a plunge are Sergeant Scissortail, different Butterflyfish, Barracuda, Redtooth Triggerfish, Coral Grouper, Wrasses, Goatfish, Parrotfish, Stingrays squids, and sharks. Yes, sharks!

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He says he has considered sharks to be large as three meters.

“My educator used to state: ‘Don’t freeze when you see a shark and it won’t freeze.’ So we allow it to sit unbothered and it allows us to sit unbothered.”

The untamed water divide in the Red Sea is astonishing, as per Yaheya. In spite of the fact that we are into June, it was as yet excellently submerged. “The best time to go jumping around Jeddah is February and March as perceivably is incredible around at that time. The temperature of the water is likewise impeccable,” he said.

There are different elements with reference to why the Red Sea jumping background is so uncommon. Water temperature is said to be impeccable, perceivably is great, there are huge amounts of coral and an ardent ocean life.

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