Offering Salah Makes The Immune System Calm, Report Claimed

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Studies suggest a connection between religion and life expectancy. Believers live longer. This is suggested by new studies in the US that have examined the relationship between religiosity and Immune System expectancy.

The security of a community of faith helps to reduce stress. Professor Marino Bruce from the renowned Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee, has researched correlations between the disease and the social environment of those affected in a large-scale study.

This report has given an evidence that praying salah means the better immune system. People from Medical background would know how important is your immune system is. It actually drives all the system in your body.

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Salah is one of the most important things in Islam, it is something which Allah has made obligatory on all Muslim men and women, meaning one person has to pray even if he or she is going through tough situation. Even if one is in hospital bed still that person can not skip salah, although Allah has taught us the easiest ways to perform it like you can even pray it with your brain, no need to move.

In the past, many studies have been conducted and the end result of those studies were similar, as it labels Salah or Namaz as the things which gives calmness and makes one healthy. Even in Quran it is mentioned that Salah stops you from all kind of bad habits.

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This study is an evidence that Salah is indeed a beneficial thing in one’s life. This study also stated that the people who pray salah lives longer as their immune system works well due to offering salah.

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