Muslims Angry As Nike Ad Hints “Changing Islam” By Showing LBGTQ Flag

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The Latest Nike Ad is hinting to “change Islam” by breaking “Stereotypes” and shows Muslim woman in Burqa next to a flag that is forbidden in Islam.

One of the highly famous brands of all is Nike, who has always impressed and influenced its audience with its creative marketing ideas and motivational marketing campaigns. 

The recently launched Nike ad utilized a different set of themes, some highly emphasized were related to getting out of the stereotypes and defining odds. Also, targeting the stars by influencing change!

Check it out!

Their new ad ideas recommend that it might also influence Islam!

This ad maintains good hype and can also be observed as a unique ad. We cannot deny that but, there is a minor part that has enraged the Muslims, globally. They have used a completely veiled woman who is stake boarding, who later on converts on stake boarding by holding the LGBTQ+ ie. Homosexuality flag. 

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Due to which Muslims got infuriated. It is not only offensive but also brings a massive question mark concerning the morals and the ethics of this firm, which states they create shoes for everyone without going into discrimination or racism.

Again, a similar question appears that isn’t displaying a religion, mainly Islam, with emphasis on backward mindset and converting towards LGBTQ+ similarly questionable? Going against Islam or having the freedom of speech? 

This isn’t because of the fact that they have used a veiled Muslim who is lady skateboarding which is being considered unethical. As it is stating the image of our religion as the oldest one. The idea that it needs reformation concerning Liberalism is totally questionable.

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In addition to it, their ad also displays the idea of tad bit hypocritical by showing the concept of “freedom of speech”, yet diverting the young Muslims to rethink and alter their beliefs.

At the moment this brand didn’t take any required action on their unethical advertisement campaign. This is not the first time it happened, H&M also printed the Islamic name on their socks.

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A Shabbir Ahmed

No one can change Islam. Allah Has Sworn in The Qur’an that He Will Protect His Relgion. We Muslims must not get fazed by all these cheap propaganda. Even after 1441 years Islam is unaffected and is the fastest growing Religion in the world.

Islam has destroyed all its perpetrators and enemies in the past and is doing so currently and will do in future too.

If it had been any other religion, it would have just vanished from the face of the earth, if it had faced the same kind of onslaught Islam had faced over 14 centuries.

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