H&M Clothing Line Prints “Allah” On Children Socks

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H&M Clothing also known as Hennes & Mauritz are Swedish clothing manufacturers. They recently printed Allah on the children socks. They said they did it by mistake as it resembled Allah’s name upside down.

H&M Clothing line has recalled all the stocks from its inventory after realizing that they have printed Allah’s name on the children socks. H&M called it as a coincidence. A few weeks ago, H&M was accused of racism as they have shown a black kid wearing a hoodie with a phrase written “Coolest monkey in the jungle”.

Furthermore, they give the explanation that he made a logo which according to them looked like the name of Allah when turned upside down. H&M continuously seen hurting people’s sentiments by creating or adopting a marketing strategy which is hurtful to either race or religion.

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According to the latest updates, H&M has pulled these socks from all of its outlets and shelves from all around the world after people from all around the globe questioned their way of hurting Muslims’ sentiments by attacking their religion directly. Furthermore, this video explains a lot.

Furthermore, on these children socks, the name of Allah has shown with a Jackhammer which clearly shows that it isn’t a coincidence.

In the past, we have seen a Fake Quran is being sold, and now this. All of this is linked to the Islamophobia which is further sparking hate among the people all around the globe against all the Muslims. Muslims have started boycotting this brand as it clearly insults their God.

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Now, all the celebrities, as well as all the influential people, are also sharing their point of views after this Printing Allah and Racist image act by H&M in the past few weeks. While this printing of Allah’s name in Arabic with a jackhammer with on a sock is completely unacceptable.

Photo Credits: The Sun/The Express

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