BEWARE! Do Not Buy Or Distribute This FAKE QURAN!

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Fake Quran is in the market! Many people buy them online without even noticing that it is not the real Quran. This is a manipulated version of it!

Most of the Zionists are starting to campaign to sabotage Muslims from the real Islam when there is already a situation of chaos within the Muslim countries these things will take the fights and Misunderstandings to another level.

Here is the picture of the Fake Quran;

fake quran
Photo: Motivational Muslims

You can see the Star of David on this Quran, in case you do not know, Star of David is the sign of Freemasons, Freemasons are the one who worships Satan. Their mission is to create the New World Order, which says that the world will act upon satan’s book.

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Since Muslims are so strong with their faiths, they use these tactics to sabotage them from the real Islam and allow them to follow Satan’s path.

Why are they making Fake Quran copies?

The reason behind it is to damage the Islamic education for the people who newly accepted Islam, if they buy and read it, their Islamic knowledge will be different than us, which will eventually lead them to follow the wrong path!

Astaghfirullah, may Allah save us from false knowledge, and keep us steadfast on the right path. The creator of fake Quran should be found quickly and punished

Any Muslim will know a fake Quran to a real one.. reverts or Non-Muslims, on the other hand, don’t know. so share this post for their sakes

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