Indonesia Offers Free Tattoo Removal For Muslims in Jakarta

Tattoos are prohibited (haram) in Islam.
Free Tattoo Removal in jakarta 2024
Photo: Bazis Baznas DKI Jakarta

More than 600 Indonesian Muslims have signed up to have their tattoos removed from their bodies. This free tattoo removal service is offered by the national alms agency in Jarakta to target low-income communities in Jakarta.

The initiative was launched in collaboration with the Islamic Medical Service. Nasjir Tajang, deputy chairman of the agency, told the media that during Ramadan, several Indonesian Muslims wanted to get their tattoos removed.

Tajang said that the tattoo removal process is very costly. With millions of Indonesian rupiahs, this program aims at low-income Muslims in Indonesia who can’t afford the treatment.

In the Muslim world, tattoos carry a negative image due to association and are prohibited.

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